THCA Benji Blunt


Introducing the THCA Benji Blunt, a truly one-of-a-kind product that is sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. With 2 grams of Exotic Gelato #41 expertly packed in organic soy ink paper, this blunt boasts an impressive %27.38 THCA content and a sophisticated Caryophyllene Dominant terpene profile. Not only does it deliver a smooth and flavorful experience, but it also comes with the added bonus of being inflation resistant – just like a real hundred-dollar bill! Don’t miss out on this unique and luxurious smoking experience. Get your hands on a THCA Benji Blunt today and elevate your game to a whole new level



THCA Disclaimer

All products containing THCA will not ship to states in which it is illegal (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah)

This policy will be rigorously adhered to by all companies and websites under HerbalXchange, LLC( and Naturally Balanced, LLC.

All THCA flower under “Frosted Brands, Alchemy, and or Renegade”, are packed and manufactured at Herbalxchange, LLC. Located at 12401 62nd St N, Suite 202, Largo, FL 33773

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