THC Resin Chocolate Bar (300mg)



Are you prepared to take your cannabis-infused treats to the next level? Look towards Frosted’s Delta 9 THC chocolate bars! Delight in the rich and luxurious flavor of our chocolate squares, each containing 150mg of high-quality Delta 9 THC and 150mg of CBD grown in the USA. With each nibble, you’ll embark on a truly unforgettable full-body and mind experience.

But wait, there’s more – our chocolate bars are also enhanced with Resin rich in cannabinoids for a unique full-body tingling sensation like never before. Meticulously crafted for potency, our THC Resin promises a powerful and transformative high that will leave you wanting more.

Why settle for ordinary edibles when you can indulge in the extraordinary with Frosted’s Delta 9 THC chocolate bars? Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind and pleasurable journey with every bite. Elevate your edibles game today!


  • Specially-formulated, fast-acting Delta 9 THC edible
  • Dispensary-grade
  • NO hemp taste
  • Non-GMO
  • 15mg Delta 9 THC per chocolate square
  • Potent & long-lasting
  • Made from 100% USA-grown hemp
  • Farm Bill Compliant: <0.3% Delta 9 THC

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