Renegade CBD Rosin Gummies


Indulge in the natural goodness of Renegade CBD Live Rosin gummies – a superior product offering 40 All Natural and Vegan Gummies in three delightful flavors: Strawberry, Purple Haze, and Tangie Dream.

Renegade Gummies redefine excellence, setting a new standard in the industry. Featuring a comprehensive array of cannabinoids and terpenes sourced from Live Rosin, an all-encompassing hemp concentrate, these gummies are full spectrum. They encompass every cannabinoid and terpene found in raw cannabis plants, enriched with extra terpenes to replicate the characteristics of Indica-dominant Hybrid strains commonly found in Cannabis.

What makes Renegade Gummies truly special is their ability to deliver the coveted Entourage Effect. Unlike other edibles on the market, users consistently report longer-lasting effects compared to typical CBD Gummies, all while enjoying a more pleasant overall experience.

If you’re in search of high-quality gummies packed with natural goodness sourced directly from nature, look no further than Renegade Gummies.

What’s Packed Inside?

– 15 mg CBD

– 5 mg Cold Pressed Live Hemp Rosin (CBD dominant)


Corn Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavoring, Sunflower Oil, Hemp-derived CBD Distillate, Live Pressed CBD Rosin, Citric Acid, Sodium Acid Sulfate, Natural Colors

Experience the exceptional with Renegade CBD Rosin gummies – a product crafted for those who demand the full spectrum of cannabinoids and a more delightful, enduring experience. Exclusively brought to you by Frosted Brands. Elevate your CBD journey with Renegade Gummies.

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