Frosted THCA Prerolls (1 gram)


Elevate Your Experience with Frosted Brands’ THCA Prerolls – Premium Hemp Flower!

Explore the world of premium THCA Prerolls crafted with exquisite Hemp Flower varieties. Each 1 gram pre-roll is a masterpiece, meticulously cultivated to provide a sensory journey like no other.

Ice Cream Cake – INDICA

Indulge in the velvety embrace of Ice Cream Cake, an INDICA marvel. This extremely beautiful flower boasts high THCA content, delivering a blissful experience. Dominated by Caryophyllene, its terpene profile invites a tranquil state, leaving you feeling sleepy, relaxed, and undoubtedly hungry.

Grape Tree – INDICA

Discover the richness of Grape Tree, another INDICA sensation with high THCA. This flower’s beauty is matched only by its terpene dance of Myrcene and Humulene. Dive into relaxation as you embrace the sleepy, relaxed, and hungry vibes it effortlessly provides.

Gelato 41 – HYBRID

Embark on a hybrid journey with Gelato 41, a visually stunning flower rich in THCA. Caryophyllene takes the lead in its terpene symphony, creating a blend that leaves you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and creatively inspired.

Pineapple OG – SATIVA

Ignite your senses with Pineapple OG, a SATIVA delight crowned with high THCA. Its dominant terpene, Pinene, ushers in an energetic, happy, and focused experience, making it the perfect choice for daytime indulgence.

THCA Disclaimer:

All THCA-infused products are designed to offer a unique experience; however, due to legal restrictions, they cannot be shipped to certain states (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah).

At Frosted Brands, a division of HerbalXchange, LLC, and Naturally Balanced, LLC, we adhere rigorously to this policy, ensuring the highest standards and compliance.

Elevate your moments with Frosted Brands – where premium quality meets unparalleled experience!

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