5 Reasons Cannabis Edibles Are Taking The Lead

Nov 1, 2022

For decades, cannabis edibles were seen as just another viable option for enjoying the benefits and effects of this fantastic plant.

While most users would roll up joints and peacefully smoke their favorite variety, many felt left out because smoking carried a certain stigma, or their bodies did not agree with inhaling vapors of any kind. So they would start concocting, mostly, crude recipes with various content levels of cannabis. However, the consumption was almost restricted to “spiked brownies” and “spiced up” cakes that were nothing to write home about in terms of flavor. However, these homebrew recipes would accomplish the intended goals, granting a serious kick that would last for hours.

Again, this was not a culinary revolution by any means, but this opened the door for change in more recent times.

Especially after the events of 2020, most of the population had enough time on their hands to devise increasingly more creative ways to enjoy their favorite pastimes. This, of course, included cannabis consumption and experimentation, which led to incredibly unique recipes and edible products with varying levels (and types) of THC.

Of course, the market reacted, and now we see an uptick in cannabis edibles, and they have become the preferred way to consume THC for various reasons. Let’s cover 5 of them and find out if the market is right.

1. Therapeutic (and Recreational) Effects are Stronger

Many prefer the smoked version of cannabis because the effects tend to hit faster. Moreover, smoking also helps release dopamine and decrease stress levels. That explains why nicotine-free vapes have also gained popularity in recent years.

However, vapors and smoke deliver a “vanilla” version of THC into your lungs and bloodstream.

When cannabis edibles travel through your digestive tract, the liver transforms THC into a substance called 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a lot more potent than your garden variety and provides a more intense experience.

Edibles are also a great way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without burning through a lot of cannabis.

2. Cannabis Effects Last Longer

When smoking your favorite variety, the effects of cannabis can be felt almost instantly after the first few puffs as the brain and other fatty tissues absorb the THC. The downside for some is that the high “peaks” after 30 minutes or so, and the effects wear off after 6 hours.

Contrastingly, edibles will take a lot longer to kick in and keep you in that desired state for an extended period of time. It is true that you won’t feel a thing after eating a “brownie” for at least 45 minutes to one hour; however, after the waiting period, the effects will ramp up, and you will feel the full effects of THC within 4 hours. Depending on the dose, these effects can last up to 12 hours, giving you a lot more bang for your buck.

As a side note, it is important to have these timeframes in mind if you plan to consume edibles.

3. There is No Stigma

Unfortunately, smoking or vaping is still frowned upon in many places and situations. This might or might not be warranted depending on your views on nicotine products, but that’s beside the point.

Many people who would like to enjoy the benefits of THC and cannabinoids feel deterred from doing so because they think these can only be accessed by smoking.

Edibles are gaining traction among those who understand how THC can help them fight specific problems but do not want to be labeled as smokers. As a side effect, those who start consuming edibles also tend to learn a lot more about the world of cannabis and how to smoke safely.

4. They’re More Accessible

Each body is different. Some individuals can puff almost anything without gagging or coughing, while others can’t even stand the smell of a cozy fireplace. Moreover, there are others who are locked in environments where any instance of combustion is deemed dangerous.

Cannabis edibles present a great and healthy alternative that does not require our lungs to absorb smoke or other contaminants and does not release fumes or gasses. So, they’re deemed a lot safer and more sustainable.

5. They’re Delicious

As we mentioned before, a few years ago, cannabis edibles offered very limited options in terms of style, type, and not many were particularly tasty. Fortunately for us, this has changed with the apparition of incredibly delicious artisanal options in the market. For example, we use high-quality ingredients (and cannabis varieties), leveraging the plant’s natural flavors to create a whole new world of innovative tastes and textures for discerning cannabis enjoyers and newcomers alike.

These are all solid reasons cannabis edibles are taking the lead today. But this is not to say smoking or vaping are being phased out. Au contraire! As awareness on the subject grows, more people are discovering the benefits of responsible THC consumption. We offer incredible options for those who enjoy the throat hit and the warm sensation of a fully loaded, rich cloud of smoke.