3 Magic Amanita Mushroom Products For Beginners

Mar 3, 2023

The magic amanita mushrooms, also known as ‘Fly Agaric’, might be one of the most recognizable species of fungi in the world. Its red, white-spotted cap is deeply ingrained in our popular culture. The Smurfs lived in homes carved inside these mushrooms, and it has become a recurring theme in Nintendo games like the Mario franchise.

There are many myths around these marvelous shrooms, however. Humans have known the effects of ingesting magic mushrooms for at least 200,000 years, making them part of ancient spiritual traditions and rituals around the world. The mushroom is known to have pesticide properties as people in the past would mix it with milk to attract and kill flies, hence the name Fly Agaric.

Some authors, like William James, asserted that the substances enclosed in these mushrooms could open portals into different levels of consciousness. It is believed that Lewis Carroll was inspired by the effects of Fly Agaric when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, in which the little girl was resized every time she took a bite of the magic mushroom.

While these conjectures seem plausible, we’d rather stick to what we actually know about these incredible fungi.

First off, amanita muscaria fungi are technically not “magic mushrooms.” They do not belong to the psilocybe family, which is what people generally refer to as “magic.” However, the effects of fly agaric products never disappoint our mystical expectations.

It is worth noting that many mushrooms of the muscaria family are highly toxic as they contain amatoxins and lethal concentrations of muscarine. These compounds are responsible for 95% of mushroom deaths. That’s why going hunting for mushrooms without highly-tuned expertise or eating raw mushrooms is never safe.

Fortunately, the amanita muscaria does not contain amatoxins. Therefore, we can only find a very low concentration of muscarine in Fly Agaric, and it is rendered safe through a specialized manufacturing process.

The amanita muscaria grows in forests all around the world. They have a complex symbiotic relationship with trees, where they attach to their roots, exchanging nutrients for delicious sugars. This means they’re virtually impossible to cultivate.

Now onto the juicy part. The fly agaric mushroom has two main active components: ibotenic acid and muscimol. These can cause interesting mental effects that alter how reality and dreams are perceived. Both molecules are cholinergic or compounds that stimulate our acetylcholine receptors. These receptors regulate our parasympathetic nervous system. However, ibotenic acid has a stimulating effect, while muscimol acts as an inhibitor. In other words, if both are ingested, it is like pumping the gas and the brakes of our nervous system at the same time, producing a unique psychoactive mind-bending experience.

Ibotenic acid and muscimol molecules are almost identical except for an extra carboxyl ring attached to the acidic compound. Ibotenic acid is known for producing some uncomfortable side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, if ingested on its own or in large quantities. Muscimol is a more benign molecule that delivers pleasant experiences when taken in moderation.

The good news is that the ibotenic acid/muscimol content ratio can be altered through decarboxylation. Unfortunately, the process of completely decarbing ibotenic acid is a lot more complicated than the one used for THCA compounds. Heat will only decarb up to 30% of the ibotenic acid. The rest of the decarboxylation process occurs while transforming the mix into delicious gummies or elixirs.

The effects of amanita mushrooms are a strangely unique hallucinatory state that many people describe as lucid or “magic.” The power of this variety really shines when sleeping, as dreams tend to be extraordinarily vivid yet incomprehensible in many cases. However, you need to achieve the proper component ratio for the product to be both safe and effective.

That’s why leaving the preparation in the hands of experienced and trusted brands is always better. So here are three incredible magic amanita mushroom products for beginners that take advantage of the effects of fly agaric, are a hundred percent legal, and are entirely safe.

URB’s Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies

The colorful pack comes in two varieties: mango and watermelon. The taste alone is fantastic, which is great for picky eaters who find mushrooms off-putting. The potency of these gummies is quite strong, so they recommend starting with half a gummy if it is your first time. The brand achieved a perfect muscimol/muscarine ratio (2:1) for a balanced effect.

Myco-Naut’s Amanita Muscaria Red Velvet Wafer

These freeze-dried gelatin squares contain amanita muscaria, muscimol, and chocolate extracts. Myco-Naut´s Red Velvet Wafers are deliciously chewy, producing noticeable sensorial effects after 30 minutes. The product might change the user’s perception of reality. But everyone is different, so YMMV.

Myco-Naut’s Ceremonial Micro-Effex Elixir

For those who are into microdosing, the micro-effex elixir is a great choice. This presentation gives the user much more control when they want small doses. Microdosing enhances general mood.

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